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Custom Made Dresses

We  LOVE ​ LOVE  ​LOVE  ​to create your dream dress! 

From Wedding, Prom , Pageant, Quince or any occasion really You will have a one of a kind dress. 

Giving attention to every detail , from fabric and color choice to making sure there is a smart pattern done just for your measurements. Our custom-made dresses are guaranteed to turn heads where ever you go! Prices vary , just like materials, time spent, and rush order costs; are usually considered and we keep you in your price range.

The Process



We Start with a Design Consultation to talk, materials, budgets, colors and overall idea you have for your dress. We also set up a time frame for fittings and delivery.


It is very hard to envision something new , so a sketch is necessary. We can see fullness, hemlines, necklines and where decoration will go. 


Measurements are the most important part of the process. You may change size or expect to lose or gain weight (we do maternity dresses as well ). Having the right measurements are essential!


Putting all the ideas together , we make a custom patter just for you! We cut the materials, add the layers, and construct a base for the first fitting.  

Dress Fitting

At the fitting we get to do hemlines and necklines. We see the fullness or tightness you wish for the garment. The fitting is before all the decoration and final details go on the dress. 

Final Fitting

At the Final Fitting, we get the full effect of your dress. Its the last fitting before the event , good for any last minute changes. I like to have the dress finished 2 weeks before the event.

Original Sketch made for each dress

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