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And the Winners are...

Thank you for participating in the Prom 2019 Giveaway for the IE! 

The contest has ended as of April 1st at 1 p.m. Here is a list of the winners.

Below are their prizes and we will update this page again with their photos when they come to pick up their Prize.

 If you have any questions or would like to reach our sponsors, their pages will also be continued on this website below.


Prom 2019 Giveaway

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

A Custom Made Prom dress by Dulce Candy Luv in a one of a kind design, 

Tuxedo Rental from Victor's Tuxedos for your date.

Hair styling from Sophronia's Day Spa and Make up done by ValeriaBeauty  for you the day of Prom.

A personal photo shoot at your location by Photos on a Budget,

 with a special backdrop for Prom by Flowers by Ellen Oh,

Corsage and Boutonniere Fresh flower set , toasting glasses for the winners from Luna Azul Studio and

"Prom 2019 Memorabilia" gift bag from MGCustomprinting !

1st Prize winner will receive                                                                      2sd Prize winner will receive

Custom Made Dress for Prom,                                                                  Tuxedo Rental for Prom From Victor's Tuxedos

A $25 Gift Certificate for a Photo shoot                                            A $25 Gift Certificate for a Photo shoot

And a $25 Gift Certificate for Dulce Candy Luv                           And a $25 Gift Certificate for Dulce Candy Luv Bridal

3rd Prize winner will receive                                                                       4th Prize winner will receive

$25 Gift Certificate for a Photo Session                                              $50 Gift Certificate for Dulce Candy Luv Bridal

 5th Place winner will receive                                                                       6th Place Winner will receive

$25 Gift Certificate for Dulce Candy Luv Bridal                               Prom Jewelry Set and Purse

7th , 8th and 9th Winners will receive

Corsage and Boutonniere set done in Fresh Flowers and matching colors for your Prom day.

Our Participating Sponsors

Click on each Photo to reach their own page with the hidden  "Code words"

There are 10 ways to enter!      read below

 1. Go to and go to the “Prom 2019 Giveaway” section header  At the end of the list of "Prom 2019 Prizes"  an entry form can be filled.

2. At the same website page where all the SPONSORS are listed at the bottom of the page  will have a link to their own individual pages. Click on each picture.  Hidden within the page will be a code word per each vendor. Collect all 8 words and submit them in the “Code word submission” button at the bottom of this page. Along with your name, phone number, prom date and school name. All the code words must be listed for entry to count.

3. Go to Facebook Send a Friend Request , find the “Prom 2019 Giveaway” post like the post, Friend request the vendors tagged on the post and share the post Tag 3 people and hashtag your school name (example: #NorthHighSchool #PolyHighSchool) and #Prom2019GiveawayIE

4. Go to Facebook like the page, like the vendors pages on the post, share the Prom Giveaway Post, tag 3 people, and Hashtag (#) your school name (example #RamonaHighSchool #NorcoHighSchool) and #Prom2019GiveawayIE

5. Go to Instagram Follow @dulcecandyluv Find the "Prom 2019 Giveaway" post, Follow the vendors listed on the post, Love it , and comment with #yourschoolname and #Prom2019GiveawayIE

6. Once you do #5, click on the share button and share to your Instagram Story account add @DulceCandyLuv to your post #yourschoolname and #Prom2019GiveawayIE

7.Go to Twitter and follow @DulceCandyLuv Find the Prom Giveaway Tweet (large picture), and retweet it with the comment #yourschoolname and #Prom2019GiveawayIE

8/9/10.Stop by and Visit a participating vendor locations. Fill out an Entry Form.

Dulce Candy Luv Bridal - 6966 Arlington Ave, Suite B, Riverside, CA 92503. 

Monday - Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 12-5 (951)333-2466

Victor’s Tuxedos- 22700 Alessandro Blvd. Suite B. Moreno Valley, CA 92553. 

(951)656-7818 Mon-Fri 11- 6p.m. Saturday 10-3 p.m.

Sephronias’s Day Spa - 6966 Arlington Ave. Suite A, Riverside, CA 92503

(951)785-4233 Tuesday-Friday 10-3 p.m. Saturday 9-2 p.m.

Additional Rules for entries: Make sure to follow the posting rules. Any misspelled hashtag or tag would not notify us correctly of the entry. We will try to like or click on your post to notify you that it has been received. Posted items on social medias must be up for 2 days so it gives us time to notify you it’s been noted as an entry. Walk in entries, will be notified via text that it has been received.

Family and friends can help on social media entries, by sharing or posting from their own accounts if they know a High School student. One entry per child (in case of multiple high school students in one household). Entries on the website and walk-ins, they must use their own name and add “student name” 

For full Rules and Regulations please visit the Rules page Here   


                Victor's Tuxedos          MG Custom Printing        

  Flowers by Ellen Oh         Sophronia's Day Spa    Dulce Candy Luv Bridal  

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